How I Organize My Natural Hair Products

If you’ve been natural for even a short period of time, you are familiar with the term product junkie. In the beginning of my natural hair journey, I could definitely be considered one of those, as I wanted to try every single product out there. Now, I buy my products more conservatively because I know what my hair responds best to. I try and keep it to the essentials, but I still have a large amount of natural hair products. Therefore I had to find a more effective way to store my products than throwing them all under my sink. Whether you’re newly natural or whether you’ve been natural for years, starting to organize your products will really help you to not only have an organized space, but to better care for your hair.


Before you consider organizing and storing your natural hair products, you first need to purge the ones you don’t need. Once I actually sat down and pulled out all of my hair products from under my sink, I realized there were a lot of products that either I didn’t use or that didn’t work for my hair. Therefore if you didn’t like a product or if it didn’t work for your hair, throw it out or give it to a friend. Either way, don’t hold on to it because it will simply clutter your space and make it harder for you to get to the products that you do use.


organize products

After you’ve purged the products you don’t need, then you can start organizing. I don’t like to store my products under my sink ¬†because it makes it harder to see what I have and get use out of all of my hair products. Therefore I bought this cute cart from T.J. Maxx, $14.99, which really helped me to organize my products in a way where I could see them all very easily and get better use out of them. If you’re trying to find the best way to store your hair products or even skincare, I would highly recommend looking for one of these carts because they are very useful for storing products in a visually appealing way and they are also mobile, so you can move it around very easily if you want to find a new spot for your products.


One thing I would recommend when you’re organizing your products, is to categorize them according to their type. This really helps me because I know exactly where to look on my cart for oils, leave-in conditioners, shampoos, conditioners…etc. Therefore I have products grouped together according to category. I also store my hair tools (brushes, combs, bobby pins and hair ties in a plastic baggy) on this cart so I don’t have to go searching for these items.

organize hair products

organize hair products

I hope you found this post helpful in finding a way to organize your natural hair products. It has really helped me to not only organize my products, but to get better use out of all of them. If you enjoyed this post, check out my article on Affordable Ways to Spice Up Your Living Space!

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