Desk Essentials: How to Organize your Desk

Whether you work in an office or work from home, desk organization is very important and can actually have an effect on your productivity. While my desk is not always as organized as I would like it to be, I have some desk essentials that help me to be comfortable and productive everyday.

Desk Essentials

  1. File Organizer– This cute file organizer from Target doubles as a decor piece and a desk organizer. Without this, I would be digging through the “junk drawer” to find my tax information. Instead, I keep all of my information in this organizer so I know exactly where to look for any given paper.                                                                                                 desk essentials
  2. Notebooks– I keep a notebook on my desk for my business ideas and notes as well as a binder for financial planning. Keeping a financial binder helps me to keep track of my spending and expenses as well as keep all of my financial documents in one place. Keeping a notebook to write in helps me to designate a space for brainstorming and creativity. It also helps me to make sure I’m not forgetting any of my ideas.                                                                                                           desk essentials
  3. Headphones– I always keep a pair of headphones with me because music helps me to power through projects especially when I may otherwise be distracted. When I have a large project to work on, I slip on my headphones which gets me in the zone to work until it’s finished.
  4. Pictures– This may seem superficial to some, although I feel that having pictures of family and friends around your office helps to set a positive, comfortable and motivating environment in which to work. Sometimes, I glance at my photos in a particularly stressful moment and they make me smile and feel more relaxed. They may even serve as a reminder of why you are working so hard. Therefore add a few pictures to your work space to make your office feel more homey.desk essentials
  5. Smell good– Is it just me or do you feel better when there’s a pleasant scent around you? This is not a completely necessary step, but it helps to create a more comfortable working space. Every little thing can help you to be more productive. Therefore next time you’re at the store, pick up a plug in or fragrance to have in your office. Having a nice scent also helps me to relax, especially when things get a bit stressful.desk essentials
  6. Snacks– Healthy snacking is important to get through the day and to be more productive. Therefore keep a couple of healthy snacks at your desk that you can reach for when you get hungry. While I never recommend skipping a meal, this can also help if you get stuck at your desk and have to eat later in the day. I usually keep a bit of candy at my desk as a pick me up (ssshhh!), but I also make sure I have more substantive, healthy snacks such as trail mix and dried fruit.
  7. Water– If you have a desk job that gets particularly busy, it can be difficult to stay hydrated throughout the day. You don’t want to find that the only time you drink water is when you get home from work. Therefore keep a large water bottle with you so that you can easily stay hydrated throughout the day. I also keep tea in my office as a pick me up for when I get tired. Black tea has a good amount of caffeine, so keep some earl grey or breakfast tea at your desk for when you find yourself dosing off!
  8. Meds– I would always recommend keeping some basic pain killers and any other medication you take frequently at your desk. There’s nothing worse than having to suffer with a headache or stomach ache the whole day! I’d also recommend keeping some vitamins or airborne at your desk because we all know how fast colds spread in an office!

I consider all of these items to be desk essentials for me, so I hope you found some useful ideas for your desk either at home or in the office! Remember, personalizing your desk can really make a huge difference in both your comfort level at work and your productivity!

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