Best Masks for Combination to Oily Skin

If you have oily to combination skin, you know how hard it can be to keep your skin hydrated without getting oily. Waking up with several whiteheads (or blackheads if your pores are open) can practically be an everyday experience. Incorporating a face mask routine can really help with your oily skin and reduce the appearance of acne caused by excess oil and clogged pores. Considering there are a million different face masks to choose from, it’s important to choose a mask that’s going to balance your specific skin type. Combination to oily skin tends to requires a mask to be both hydrating and purifying. You will find that the right mask can transform your skin from being an oily, acne-prone mess to being smooth and evenly hydrated. Below are a few masks that have helped me whip my oily skin into shape.

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Best Masks for Combination/Oily Skin

1. Boscia Black Mask

boscia black mask

I’m sure you’ve happened upon videos of the infamous peel off masks through Facebook or Youtube. These videos usually depict someone peeling a black mask off of their face to reveal an excessive amount of blackheads and undeniably clogged pores. I think these clips are particularly satisfying for those of us with oily skin because we can imagine the same results if the mask was used on our skin. However, though these masks are great for sucking out the excess oil and debris in our pores, you have to be careful about which peel off masks your using. There are many videos on do-it-yourself peel off masks which include harsh ingredients such as Elmer’s glue. There have also been controversies over certain masks being too difficult to peel off and causing skin damage. Therefore choose your mask wisely.

I have found Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask to be a safe and effective peel off mask to use for my combination to oily skin. This mask claims to minimize the appearance of pores, remove blackheads, excess oil and impurities as well as reveal brighter skin. The black-activated charcoal in the mask helps to purify, detox and exfoliate your skin. This mask also contains Vitamin C and antioxidants which help with hyperpigmentation and the appearance of fine lines. Therefore this is true a multi-tasking mask if you have multiple skin issues which most of us do. Now, I won’t lie to you and say the peel off isn’t intense–because it is. Although using the right technique (peeling off from forehead to chin) will decrease the intensity of the peel off process. Also peeling off very slowly will minimize any discomfort experienced by peel off masks. As with any other mask, you will see the best benefits from regular use.

2. L’Oreal Detox & Brighten Clay Mask

l'oreal detox & brighten clay mask

If you can’t bite off the price tag for the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask, you can still experience the multitasking benefits of Charcoal in L’Oreal’s Detox & Brighten Clay Mask. This mask contains Kaolin, Moroccan Lava Clay and Charcoal Powder which are all great for detoxing and purifying your skin as well as providing a brightening and illuminating effect. This mask has a very thick consistency but applies very smoothly to the skin. After rinsing your skin, you will notice that it feels rebalanced and refreshed as well as purified. Even though this is a clay mask, it has a non-drying formula. Therefore you will not experience that tight, dry feeling that you normally get when you use clay masks. Your skin will simply feel clean, re-balanced, and clarified yet hydrated.

3. Lush Catastrophe Cosmetic

lush catastrophe cosmetic

This blueberry filled mask does wonders for red, irritated and acne prone skin. After using a product that my skin did not agree with, I went to Lush in hopes of finding a mask that would calm and heal my skin. A sales associate referred me to this mask which is filled with blueberries (rich in antioxidants) as well as calamine powder, rose absolute, and chamomile blue oil which are all very effective at soothing red, irritated skin. This mask also contains Talc (asbestos free– and totally safe in a wet face mask) which is a natural mineral best known for its moisture absorbing qualities. Therefore this mask is great for people with oily to combination skin. Simply smooth on to your face and leave it on for about 15 minutes and then rinse off. You will notice an immediate difference especially if your face was irritated prior to applying the mask. I noticed that my skin no longer itched or appeared red after rinsing the mask off and the next morning, the irritated skin had already begun to heal! Therefore if you’re looking for a natural mask for your face, try this vegan facial from Lush for only $8.95.

4. Glam Glow Supercleanse

glam glow supercleanse daily clearing cleanser

This next item is actually a mask and cleanser packed into one. The Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser goes on as a mud and foams with water. Therefore when first applying it, you can allow the mask to sit and treat your skin for a couple of minutes and then wet your hands and rub your face in circular motions to cleanse your skin. This mud to foam cleanser works wonders for combination to oily and blemish prone skin. The cleanser contains Bamboo Charcoal, Licorice Root Extract, Peppermint Oil, Lactic Acid and Glycolic Acid (to name a few ingredients) which all work together beautifully to purify, refresh and exfoliate your skin leaving behind balanced, toned and refined skin. This mask also contains Black Cumin Seed Exract which has antimicrobial and antioxidant qualities both of which help to promote a clear complexion. If you suffer with oily, blemish-prone skin, this is definitely a two in one facial treatment that you should consider!

5. SkinFood Egg White Pore Hot Shot Pack

skin food egg white pore hot steam pack

If you’ve been following the beauty world closely, you have noticed that Korean Skincare has made a huge impact on the world of beauty here in the United States. Last year, Sephora released an entire collection of Korean Skincare products which tend to be of a lightweight, watery consistency meant to hydrate and brighten the skin.

This mask comes from a well-known Korean Skincare brand named SkinFood. When applied to the face, you will feel a slightly warm sensation which intensifies the treatment of the mask. You may also use this mask in conjunction with a facial steamer or the steam from your shower to enhance its effects (hence the name hot steam pack). Sulfur and albumin are two ingredients that make this mask very effective. Both ingredients are great for removing blackheads and excessive oil on the face. Jeju Volcanic Ash and Amazonian clay also work together to cleanse the face and release the dirt and oil often trapped deep in your pores. Apply this mask evenly on the face and focus on areas that you tend to get blackheads and have excess oil. This is a great mask to use when you’re in a rush or when you’re tired because it only needs to sit on your face for 3-5 minutes. After you allow the mask to sit for several minutes, rinse with warm water to reveal smooth, purified skin! You may purchase this mask in store at Ulta or from Amazon here.

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