Affordable Ways to Spice Up Your Living Space

When I bought my first apartment (which I’m still living in), I could not wait to live out all of the decor fantasies that I’d had since I was young. I was so excited to start decorating, although I ran across one problem…MONEY! I had no shortage of decor ideas, but I did have a shortage of funds. Therefore I had to find affordable ways to decorate my apartment that fit my style, but did not break my budget. Below are several stylish decor ideas I used to spice up my apartment while also maintaining my budget.


I bought these cool string lights from Target and T.J. Maxx to hang up around my apartment. They really add a nice spark to your place as well as a relaxing atmosphere. These light’s were about $10 each on sale. Therefore if you’re looking for affordable ways to decorate your space, string lights are a quick way to light up a space and add style.

Affordable ways to decorate     affordable ways to decorate apartment

Wall Decor

Adding cute pictures with frames to your wall can really add style and character to your place. I bought this set of picture frames from T.J. Maxx and the prints I found online. Also, adding pictures of yourself and your family make your apartment feel a little more homey. Try to buy picture frames that accent the colors in your apartment so they double as a style piece and a personal touch. I bought most of my wall decor from T.J. Maxx except for the floating boxes which I purchased from Amazon here. Frames and wall art are really affordable ways to decorate your space if you look in the right places. Shops like T.J. Maxx, home goods, hobby lobby and other craft stores are great places to look for pieces like these.



Candles can actually act as a decor piece, but also help to set the atmosphere for your home. Bath and Body Works usually has really nicely packaged candles which allows them to add style to your space. They’re also always having a sale which is when I stock up on candles. I have used my candles a center piece for my coffee table by mixing textures and color with the candle holders. I found this rustic lantern on sale at T.J. Maxx and thought it’d be a great center piece. A tip for creating a center piece that pops is to find small candle holders that add color and texture to your furniture. I got these candle holders from world market. I also used crystals that I bought from a local shop to add texture and color to my table. Therefore candles and candle holders are really great, affordable ways to decorate and add style to your furniture pieces.                                                                                                                                                                                        Affordable ways to decorate                                                                                                                                                          

Accent Rugs

Rugs are also a really cool way to add style to your space, although they can be expensive. I would suggest looking in stores like T.J. Maxx to find great, affordable accent rugs. I got this faux-sheep skin rug for only $29.99 and the size is perfect for your beside or under your desk. I got the second rug from Urban Outfitters.                                                 Affordable ways to decorate        Affordable ways to decorate


Plants are also a great way to set the atmosphere for your space as well as to add style and a pop of color to a room. I also love plants because they’re a really affordable way to spice up a space. You can get a large plant from the grocery store for $20 or less. You can also get artificial plants from T.J. Maxx if you want the look without the upkeep.


I got these really cute storage boxes from Target and I love them as both a way to store my things as well as a design feature that adds texture and style to my space. These boxes were about $10 each. Storage is a necessary component for any home, but you can also make it stylish so it adds character to your space.                


Decor pillows really help to personalize a space and add texture and design to a room or a piece of furniture. T.J. Maxx and Target have a great selection of decor pillows for very affordable prices.

                                                                                  affordable ways to decorate apartment

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I hope you enjoyed this post and found it helpful in your decorating ventures. You can truly have a well-decorated space that fits your style, but is also budget friendly.


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